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2017-04-24T16:51:10Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x7 \/ Speex 11x7

Klaatu talks about why computer users panic when they have to deal with audio, and how Linux users can solve this for themselves and others by understanding and using Pulse Audio.

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2017-03-06T23:08:53Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x6 \/ Speex 11x6

Klaatu takes [one] listener feedback, talks about CentOS on the Pi, and takes a look at the Lua-based LÖVE game engine.

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ogg 5a429d070c80ae1119ca583499c0486190d68f0c210309afaab6d698c05bffbf
spx 8c63e6c10164f3befd611e59722c58f36f2b43c0e737cfb472ac764c5d2c895e
LÖVE game engine
Lua programming language a hosts file recommended by Frank Bell
CentOS alternate arches
2017-01-02T19:46:45Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x5 \/ Speex 11x5

Klaatu takes listener feedback, talks about web browsers, and discusses how to troubleshoot Linux audio.

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ogg 68906a5d4ac7d06244c57f0054c1d1bb51f2e52d400f6215f6b9cd66bb5ad4f2
spx 8e9b3b4805d444c7fd3fa1df34f1e05d69aba4ff3bd6b1952b25044f719c2b5f
Brave web browser
Vivaldi web browser
Vivaldi source code
Dixit Dominus scores for MuseScore
Unix Porn (still not porn, it's unix!) is back!

Fellow hackers,

My friend Knightwise told me this morning that he'd received word that Lord Drachenblut passed away after a long battle with cancer. To be blunt, I'm crushed. I wasn't ready for my friend to leave this planet yet, and I'm going to miss him now that he has.

Many of you know of Lord Drachenblut from his activities with The Linux Link Tech Show, or from his own project Open FOSS Training.

Or maybe you knew him from his work with Fedora; he was a Fedora ambassador, an active member of the Fedora community, and (little did I know, until just now!) the founder and owner of the Google+ Fedora page.

Or maybe you knew him as that one guy who's been around the Binary Revolution and Hacker Public Radio community for-basically-ever. Maybe you helped send him to SCale x13. Maybe you attended his Indiana Linux Fest.

Or maybe you didn't know him at all. That's OK, but I wish you could have. Lord D was a nerd, and I mean that as the highest of compliments. He was like my high school buddies, that tall guy in a utili-kilt who scared people because he listened to Black Metal and talked openly about whatever the heck he wanted to. A guy who got things done, who supported others whenever they needed support, and, darnit, a guy who wasn't afraid to ask for support when he needed it. That's probably the thing that touches me the most: the fact that when Lord D needed help to get Open FOSS Training started, he asked me for help. Why is that a big deal?

Because it meant that when he sat down and thought "Who can I count on to support me when I need help?"

He thought of me.

I am honoured to have been in Lord Drachenblut's life. I just wish he was still in mine.

God speed, Lord Drachenblut.

2016-12-06T10:18:58Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x4 \/ Speex 11x4

Klaatu talks about AppImages, the magickal technology that lets you build no-install applications that run on ANY Linux distro. In use by Krita, MyPaint, digiKam, MuseScore, and more. Also, Unix Porn is back thanks to a free domain name, and Listener Feedback is reviewed.

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ogg 905c7c7e0bd1c71d7c00b62672546ce0975493788af2f938c595578e78e17f0c
spx b8a4b27cbde13748ce5fa6a1749ba773be727975c65b7279da33baa948b6a01d
AppImage homepage
AppImageKit helps you build AppImages
AppImages example build scripts
Unix Porn (it's not porn, it's unix!) is back as a free domain name
Freenom provides free domain names
2016-11-14T07:08:00Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x3 \/ Speex 11x3

Never one to let a 7.8 Earthquake affect a show release, Klaatu talks about why and how open source software exists, gives a short tutorial on how to setup and use virtualenv with Python, and answers Listener Feedback.

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ogg eebd7e23807f353ccbefef869a989def68d3fbebbdbbc5cc38bc4edf451c7092
spx d310138a319ad9dc88ee157d54a78bb599c112026666382807938c5c25e2a6fc
PocketCHIP script to connect Bluetooth device
Python Package Index
2016-10-01T23:08:06Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x2 \/ Speex 11x2

A Mageia review, and howto roll your own RPM packages from a source RPM.

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ogg 691d23f26fb61e408c720c995c15c1c5484bd0a2fd5bdae3d6f0b8a5141db4f5
spx 7dd5f9fef5270c08399a03b740ab14547ee8d378b13cc5d8f2bb9789cf06e695
2016-09-18T23:08:06Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x1 \/ Speex 11x1

WSL, and the nifty makeself utility.

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ogg 72a4f9eb356db6cededc839a7893d489b8c9d759d7b75f9e457012e09d8e570b
spx 08fb4bac64f269be19c6d374ed24c7a1754d89a50221b0bfc8aac27f391b7eb5
2016-09-03T13:08:06Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x0 \/ Speex 11x0

Klaatu is back after a longer-than-planned hiatus. In this episode, he raves about Slackware, and reviews the PocketCHIP.

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ogg 9d99f49a81035f9085e66fd17aadaab5e14046befdf8444d85d63707d708acb7
spx b8b7561567b81f390ad8930e80c6d08f01b6a76653df7cdb20c19fddf679706c
Slackware 14.2
2016-09-02T11:11:11Z Read all about it:

And we're back! Klaatu has a fancy new podcast auto-editing system (not really that fancy: it's just a shell script and a really basic sox commands, but maybe it will get fancy later) to enable him to podcast in about half the time. Get your catchers ready.