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2015-12-07T21:05:57Z Listen: Ogg Xx10 / Speex Xx10

Klaatu talks about MyPaint, compares layer behaviour in GIMP to other photo editors, talks about desktop cusomisation with Fluxbox, and more.


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2015-11-15T21:32:15Z Listen: Ogg Xx09 / Speex Xx09

Klaatu talks about selections in Emacs, compiling for 32 bit on a 64 bit machine, file managers, and an intro to MariaDB.

The Flowblade experiment didn't quite work out, so this episode was edited in Kdenlive.


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2015-10-05T10:05:00Z Download:Computing without Compromise E-book

The next episode has been taking a lot longer than expected to produce. It isn't that the content is any more complex than usual, but there's real life and also preparation for the upcoming All Things Open conference. Klaatu has been interviewed about his talk over on

In the mean time, Klaatu has published a non fiction collection of musings about the joys of being a computer nerd in the age of open source. You can download it for free at It's already been downloaded 40 times (3 of those were Klaatu; once to his laptop, once to his workstation, and another to a mobile device) so it has already exceeded the number of EPUB files downloaded during the entire year that Klaatu first got into open source (2006). Pretty amazing!



Book source files
Klaatu to speak at All Things Open
Klaatu interview on
2015-08-31T21:43:14Z Listen: Ogg Xx08 / Speex Xx08

Klaatu talks tough about why anyone should even bother with Linux. He shows noobs how to manage thumbnailing in file managers, and does a pretty good Synfig tutorial.

Klaatu failed to slate this episode with a notice, but please note that previous episodes of Gnu World Order have been edited in Kdenlive or Blender. As a continuation of the experiment begun with the previous episode, this episode was edited in Lightworks. Be aware that Lightworks is not open source...yet?

Next two episodes are being edited with the open source editor Flowblade.


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Synfig Studio
Synfig Fundraiser
2015-07-29T00:23:11Z Listen: Ogg Xx07 / Speex Xx07

Klaatu talks about file choosers, file management, and font menus.

Note that previous episodes of Gnu World Order have been edited in Kdenlive or Blender, but as an experiment, this episode was edited in Lightworks (which is not yet open source, making this the first episode since season 0 that used non-free software). Fear not, Klaatu will continue using Kdenlive, but did want to test Lightworks on a lengthy project with different input sources and frame rates. This episode seemed like a good way to test that.

A full report on Klaatu's findings will happen in the final episode of this season.


ogg Xx07 shasum -a256: 9b3b1e990916d8580bcf2ef0a9a3ef8caef3db01b5db59d8cc90b6f7d484362c

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2015-06-22T21:42:56Z /Listen: Ogg Xx06 / Speex Xx06

Klaatu talks about Docker and Docker Hub, and shows you how to get started with it. Plus, how to create your own MIMEtypes with the dark magick of XML!

What Klaatu fails to mention is the way to programmatically give the MIMEtype that you create an icon. The secret is to name your icon the same thing as your mimetype xml file, with dashes instead of slashes (for example, application-text-scp.svg) and place the icon file in the appropriate category in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable

You may have to log out and log back in for things to kick in, but it works a treat.


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2015-06-06T06:06:06Z /Great Wallaby Overload

Still having trouble downloading the video episodes from Fear not, a "friend" of the show has uploaded all the video episodes to the magical and mysterious Answer-to-Every-Problem: the Cloud.

OK, so actually it' just a throw-away Google Drive account. Klaatu would never use it for real data, but as free backup for a publically-released show, this seems like a fair option that costs nothing and also does not put a strain on useful resources over at, say,

You do not need a Google account to get the episodes; just go to this URL:

And take what you need.

2015-05-31T21:47:23Z /Listen: Ogg Xx05init / Speex Xx05init

Swap out your init system with something new.

Is your init system baked into your distribution? Sounds like you use a non-modular package management system. Try Slackware!


Ogg Xx05icons shasum -a256: 71789c77be4fa1529f324b581aa93ba4a57aea0b27a7b4582a56dc739948bbdb

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Webm Xx05icons shasum -a256: 4cf40bf2e9b080066af71f74fc8472f25f2245188abd35a087329590d1b264b3


Ninit init system. Not written by Klaatu, just archived on Gitlab by Klaatu.
Slackware strives to be the most UNIX-like of Linux distribution. You should give it a go.

One week late due to a homevisit to the States, Klaatu returns with a friendly introduction to theming your Linux desktop icons.


Ogg Xx05icons shasum -a256: 63f1df4c7d870b087d4a7c3dd2766ee181081a01e78fdd13b3c477b47d42b6fd

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Webm Xx05icons shasum -a256: 93ce58c3916cd83aacc31830ba5bcedd0a6e767d23961f734fd6b6ab887d8ec6


KFaenza Icons
Numix Project
Moka Project

Everything you ever wanted to know about hard drives and filesystems.


Ogg Xx05 shasum -a256: 9a6a323f4101f0c4d767c3a1f67aecc32c26707d8be6aebdba49d4b9fa7b7c91

Speex Xx05 shasum -a256: 2de8f234e2c12981b98bbb138aae057d96d2ec5b8afa88e5e1565b8a4c7c26ee

Webm Xx05 shasum -a256: e9789908f6664f408e260a66b852c1e9d4b1dfe171643ab699e47f28de8c1ec2

Scannerdrome video mirror.


UDF spec

HOWTO link to libraries using relative paths. That's all. That's the entire episode.


Ogg Xx04gccld shasum -a256: 8c0457c378f80740a57637bc872b34c52f9d338d964489391504d8159d724178

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Webm Xx04gccld shasum -a256: 17ec2d394321557ce0db5330fd5648259260e5c3599a0df840885499cbdd3cc8

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Klaatu talks about packaging techniques, portable apps and App Images, ldd, LD_PATH. For the noobs, he covers EVERY possible way you can install applications on Linux.


Ogg Xx04 shasum -a256: d4d904b9070a93ed7dc6934656f99c35ba4f9fb63ee035756949b75e1b5fd1aa

Speex Xx04 shasum -a256: a1e7f63acf3cfa139e958447f2213db8c839f107b61cd9a013b4acf212a7f4fb

Webm Xx04 shasum -a256: ec7a8e08057f1b216973dffce80283fd7ba4ed3e5ec085850dbf766176d34d40

Scannerdrome video mirror.


The App Image project.
The Nixstaller

Klaatu talks about distributions, and what they mean to Linux users and the corporations who might want to deliver products to them. And then for the noobs, an explanation of how dot-desktop files work and how you can leverage them.


Ogg Xx03 shasum -a256: aac172057c5aad32dbeb806c4adaf01d30e905740f059cdf9c996acbc47ff8f5

Speex Xx03 shasum -a256: 8489c7ccd8f3eea839cd04fa0bdd305535b03f2710e795d748e4c4c5b0544fae

Webm Xx03 shasum -a256: 661f2d4eb2b0c5f6ddaa82fded6f35052bef66c8fa3b9b8c4bc081c1a2f35928

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Watch the video on Scannerdrome for better bandwidth. desktop-entry spec

A little GIMP tutorial for you. Since this is such a visual tutorial, this is only being released in the video feed.


Webm Xx03gimp

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Demo photo (Scarecrow) by Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Field 01) by Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Field 02) Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Laketown) by Cyanide Cupcake

Klaatu tries out a neat init hack, demonstrates how to type non-ascii ("special characters") characters on Linux, reviews his experience of spending the past 7 months with the Dvorak keyboard layout, and talks about learning curves and change.

Watch this space for a bonus GIMP-tutorial episode, coming soon (that's two episodes this fortnight, for the price of one).


Ogg Xx02

Speex Xx02

Webm Xx02

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Useful compose key combos
Compose Key Table

Klaatu muses about the Hacker and Maker cultures, demonstrates how to install fonts, and gives a demonstration of Krita.

Did you know that Krita has just won the ImagineFX Magazine Artist Choice Award? ImagineFX is by no means an Open Source -centric magazine, so this is frankly a huge win for the Krita team!


Ogg Xx01 shasum -a256: 360292f69cdc35897fddff00260c59fa1dcecb54300e43dab852a364260e98c4

Speex Xx01 shasum -a256: db324da9c6ee234f9f4caa12104cfd4f84ed63114a3c034e3487178683c016c8

Webm Xx01 shasum -a256: 6bbf5f1f0118b455376751d788b5f511d8dac1bcb2fd4abbd1a1c8df78820582

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Mozilla Webmaker

Stand-by for a brief station announcement.


Ogg Xx00a sha256sums: 734ed0c8f294b9b990c9c9f5c3c6ceb6b8ba3d10aa0bbc0c669c13d10b6444e4

Speex Xx00a sha256sums: c8075678a40f9df6dfbacda9c16d3b2158f8fe56595bbcf4c3e86995d70de5d6

Webm Xx00a



The 10th season is here, compleat with a VIDEO FEED created on Free Software exclusively. Sign up for its Atom Feed at or for its RSS Feed at

In this episode, Klaatu talks about Systemd, and does a demo on how to kill applications, and a demo on writing a Systemd script.


Ogg Xx00 sha256sums: 00e6e84ea22a1a4bb84f077053f84c55ac9321839fbeaef3f6c639f5e5ebabe4


Speex Xx00 sha256sums: b75828d0b3d764e39fd8ece0434d49ff87bd4741507a711a43bfb905934a0875

Webm Xx00

Scannerdrome video mirror.


Systemd Myths
Tannenbaum vs Torvalds