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where is klaatu?

June 01 2008 - Klaatu will be offline for the next few days, due to his upcoming move. Time Warner has confiscated his cable modem, and so unless he resorts to borrowing a neighbour's wireless, he'll be reading books. However, if you IRC much, you're in luck. Monsterb and Peter64 in #lottalinuxlinks will be impersonating klaatu so that it will seem like klaatu is still around. Thanks, guys!

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end of season two.

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May 31 2008 - Klaatu, even as he packs up his apartment to move to his new home and job, manages to release this big season finale loaded with...more of the same. He talks about power management and speculates on how power management might be made better on your machine. He also gives a brief review of Yellow Dog Linux 6.

Important Links: Yellow Dog Linux

insert graphic here.

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Apr 30 2008 - Klaatu interviews Chess Griffen about sbopkg, and chats with him about BSD, Slackware as a Desktop system, and more.

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linux reality

Klaatu is on the road this week.

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Apr 23 2008 - Klaatu is back from NAB, more or less. Even as he travels, however, he has managed to post this podcast, with interviews from the NAB expo floor! He hunted down every vendor running Linux and spoke to each of them. He also failed to mention his close encounter with the FCC (much less exciting than it sounds) and the fact that he attended a really cool HAM Radio mini convention whilst at NAB. Maybe next show....

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There are no important links this week.

Klaatu is at NAB Conference this week.

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Apr 16 2008 - Klaatu is at NAB this week, but right before he left, he spoke with Pat from The Linux Link Tech Show about...everything. Asterisk, MythTV, Macs, which TLLTS members hate freedom, and much much more! Plus bonus tip on HOWTO IRC!

Important Links:
The Linux Link Tech Show Linux Cast
Freenode IRC Network

fernando at his new Linux station

fernando and his new Linux box

no wallpaper

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Apr 10 2008 - In this special update, Klaatu and Skirlet discuss the conclusion of their project of bringing an old skool iMac loaded with Debian Gnu/Linux to Fernando, a 2nd grader in Mexicali who needed a computer. They also discuss a new podcast they will be co-hosting: Fedora Reloaded. Subscribe now!
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Fedora Reloaded
Fedora Reloaded OGG feed
Fedora Reloaded iTunes feed

no wallpaper this week

No wallpaper this week, cuz Klaatu's been busy with other artistic (open source, of course) endeavours.

no wallpaper

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Apr 07 2008 - This is the big philosophical episode about usability. Why are new users to computers so confounded by the interface? what can we do to make it better? Various questions are posed, a few answers are suggested, and inevitable flames from some grumpy user named Kajarii are anticipated ;)
In other news, which happened too late to be mentioned in this episode, Slackware 12.1 rc1 is out. Be sure to check it out if you want to be a beta tester.
Important Links:
KDE Usability Project
Gnome Human Interface Guidelines

phone losers

This wallpaper has nothing to do with this week's episode. It's just a random wallpaper that Klaatu did for fun. If you haven't heard the podcast, try it out!

1280x800 | 1600x1200

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Mar 24 2008 - Klaatu discusses portable operating systems, including web-based, shell accounts, and pendrive live distros. Interestingly, he completely missed the existance of a Fedora live pendrive creator, so makes no mention of it here. But probably he'll talk about it in the future now that he finally found one!

Important Links:
Source Trunk
HOWTO Pendrive Linux
Hacker Public Radio
buy a Live Linux Pendrive from Flash PCs

slax the pocket OS

Klaatu's been playing with Slax, and loving it.

Download Wallpaper

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Mar 4 2008 - In this week's exciting episode: a letter from the future reveals how Linux will save the world! Plus, Klaatu talks about Slackware, Slackintosh, and Slax (be sure to check out Klaatu's Hacker Public Radio episode on howto install and customize Slax). Klaatu also discusses marketing policies of proprietary software companies.

Important Links:
Slackware Slax Slackintosh

big linux prizes

Want a Fedora 8 Care Package? Enter this episode's competition.

Big Linuxy Prizes

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Mar 4 2008 - In this episode, Klaatu talks with two mystery guests about the cost of running Mac OS X (hackintoshes excluded but we'll get to that in some other show). Klaatu reveals this week's hastily thought up competition for the Fedora Care Package he was sent but cannot use (t-shirt's too big, and he already has Fedora installed on a machine).

Important Links:
Linux Reality
Going Linux
Cost Analysis by Muad'Dib, Mort, and Klaatu

the SCaLE report, part 2

Happily running OS2008 on his Nokia N800, Klaatu interviews interesting people at SCaLE 6x, and discovers the Brave New World of Foresight Linux!

SCaLE Report, 2nd Edition

play 2x10 | ogg 2x10

Feb 20 2008 - In this episode, we continue our retrospective coverage of SCaLE 6x. First, an interview with Ken Vandine and Kevin Harriss of Foresight Linux. Then, Mark Tiefenbruck of the sublimely wonderful Fluxbox project. Then Klaatu analyzes SCaLE and gives you a taste of what it was like to be there for all three days!

Important Links:
Foresight Linux

the SCaLE report, part 1

Armed only with his Nokia N800 and his wit, Klaatu reports from the Expo floor of SCaLE 6x

SCaLE Report, 1st Edition

play 2x09 | ogg 2x09

Feb 14 2008 - Klaatu recorded a number of interviews whilst at SCaLE 6x, so many, in fact, that not all could fit in one episode! In this 1st Edition, Klaatu interviews Tom Callaway about the always exciting Fedora project (02:25), with Larry Bushey of the Going Linux Podcast (07:10), with Bruno Albuquerque of the BeOS reimplementation project called "Haiku" (16:30), and finally Cactaur from the California Ubuntu Local Team (26:10).

Important Links:
Going Linux Podcast
Ubuntu - California LoCo

Listen to Hacker Public Radio

Today, Klaatu is heard on Hacker Public Radio, speaking about video codecs. The first part in a four part series. If you're not already listening to HPR, then go to their site and subscribe!


listen to HPR 0026

Update - Not a Bad Apple episode, but an episode of Hacker Public Radio. Listen to it, learn about video codecs.

another KDE 4 wallpaper

KDE logo centre stage, just because someone's still krazy about KDE 4...

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x08 | ogg episode 2x08

Episode 2x08 / Feb 04 08 - SCaLE 6x approaches, but in the meantime Klaatu has now spent two weeks with KDE 4.0 -- and reviews it in depth! He talks about a handy Firefox plug-in for User Agent stealth, and speaks a bit about a book by Robert Jones called "Internet Forensics".

Klaatu also appears this past week as guest host for Linux Reality. If you are not listening to Linux Reality, then go listen to all 92 back episodes!

Important Links:
Linux Reality
SCaLE 6x
Firefox User Agent Plug-In
Linux Journal
Internet Forensics (use Linux Reality's coupon code for discount)
install KDE 4 via Kubuntu
OpenSUSE KDE 4 Live CD

KDE 4 wallpaper

A classic computerish wallpaper, with the KDE logo in the centre of the screen to celebrate the release of KDE 4.

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x05 | ogg episode 2x05

Episode 2x05 / January 28 08 - We skipped this episode last week for the KDE 4 release event, so here it is one week late.

In this episode, Klaatu walks you through compiling source code for those hard-to-find applications that may not be in your repositories, or not available for your chip's architecture -- and it's not as scary as it sounds! Also, Klaatu teaches you how to modify your shell's environment, such as your default paths. An update on Gort. The Christmas contest winner announced! And finally -- HOWTO install RockBox!

Important Links:
Going Linux podcast
Rockbox for your media player
Rockbox extras

The KDE desktop environment

No wallpaper today - just all the latest news straight from the KDE 4.0 release event!

no mp3 version | ogg episode 2x06

Episode 2x06 / January 18 08 - Klaatu and Skirlet are on location at the KDE 4.0 release event at the Google Campus. KDE 4 is an incredible desktop environment, miles beyond the competition (but then again, they're only competing against the likes of Windows Vista and Mac OS Leopard...) and it's still not even really finished yet! We have THE scoops for you in this episode - including the hereforeto unknown fact that the Qt framework will be released under the GPL v3 on Monday - a very exciting victory for the controversial GPL v3.

Important Links:
KDE homepage
easily install KDE4 if you run Ubuntu

Gnu Linux

This week's wallpaper features the Fedora logo with a gradient and optional swoosh. From now on all wallpaper will simply be hosted over at the excellent site, where you'll find not just our wallpaper but lots of themes, wallpapers, and more by artists from around the world!

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x02 | ogg episode 2x02

Episode 2x02 / January 17 08 - This is actually episode 2 of Season 2 but we forgot to post it. The good news is that this is a really hot episode with great tips from Klaatu about how to customize your Fedora installation, including getting your trackpad to behave the way you want it to behave, and lots more.

This week, Klaatu is heading up to the Google Campus for the big KDE 4.0 release event. Expect either interviews or at least a good report on how the event went in episode 6!

Important Links:
the Freenode IRC network
irssi IRC client

Gnu Linux

This week's wallpaper available in blue or "human" brown. Get yours today!

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x04 | ogg episode 2x04

Episode 2x04 / January 07 08 - Klaatu tackles online privacy with discussions about Tor (the onion router), and HOWTO start using OpenPGP (specifically, GPG). He also discusses fonts; where to find free ones, and how to install them onto your Linux system.

Also, we play a promo for a show called Going Linux, which is a very informative and helpful podcast for new Linux users. They are only 20 episodes in, so you still have time to catch up.

We also have a segment on installing Rockbox on the iPod, but it's longer than we first anticipated, so we're saving it for next episode...

Important Links:
free (and nonfree) fonts
Going Linux podcast

Fedora White

A white screen with Fedora type logo in the center.

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x03 | ogg episode 2x03

Episode 2x03 / January 02 08 - On this week's episode: the sound of dripping sarcasm.

Important Links:
A huge list of lots of Linux podcasts
Going Linux Podcast

win this gift for Christmas

Do you like coffee? Do you like Ubuntu? Well then, enter our Holiday Contest for your free Official Ubuntu Coffee Mug!

special holiday episode

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Episode Xmas / December 24 07 - Here's a special holiday episode, short but packed with holiday music, a holiday contest, and an overview of Linuxes available for PowerPC, Intel, 32-bit, and 64-bit machines.

Important Links:
Distrowatch - the lowdown on all the Linux distributions
Slackintosh. Klaatu would be angry if we failed to plug something Slack

free art for your desktop.  Fedora 8.

Fedora Linux is the community developed OS, sponsored by the well-known Linux company, Red Hat. Get to know their logo, because if the way it's running on our Macs is any indication, Fedora's gonna be around for a long time. Um, actually, for Infinity, by the looks of it.

download free wallpaper

play episode 2x01 | ogg episode 2x01

Episode 2x01 / December 16 07 - The Second Season has arrived, and we've gotten SO addicted to *nix that we've just gone and tossed Mac OS out the window and dropped in the supa sleek Fedora 8 "Werewolf" onto our iBook G4. This extra-long episode is a complete walk-through on HOWTO install Fedora 8, get wireless up and running, and settling into your new OS.

Important Links:
Berlios Firmware Cutterz
Linux Questions forum
Top Secret Bad Apple Wiki
Klaatu's Fedora installation notes on the wicked wiki

A friendly reminder from The Bad Apples - This past week Klaatu has been on a campaign to get a log-out button on the iDisk web interface. Feedback has been submitted to Apple regarding this omission, and a post by Klaatu on the site has been removed(!) by Apple themselves. This is a little concerning, considering what kind of security issue this really is.

You wouldn't sign your mother up for an email account that had no log-out button, would you? Then why should people be signing up for a service that advertises the ability to log into their server space from any computer, but which features no log-out button? Browsers cache information, including an iDisk; and since there is no way to log out, there is really no way to protect your information unless you are savvy enough to empty a browser's cache and history. Go ahead, hang out at your college computer lab or at the library or just walk into any Apple store, and type into the URL bar the letter "i" and then maybe a "d", and see how many iDisks show up. The link will look like this: and it will let you download and delete any file on the person's iDisk.

So this is justa friendly reminder to anyone with a .mac account to be careful when checking your account on someone else's computer, especially a public one! If you do check it on someone's non-Mac, then make sure you have the ability to successfully clear the browser's history and cache. And go to and tell them that a company advertising above-average security should have simple security devices like "log out" in place!

free art for your desktop.  This week, a tribute to the OS that got me interested in all things NIX.

The NeXT system was an introduction to UNIX for many people. You'll need it if you're going to follow along with this week's episode!

download free wallpaper

play episode 0x00 | ogg episode 0x00

Episode 0x00 / November 29 07 - The long awaited Episode Zero of The Bad Apples finally arrives! Yes, this podcast has finally matured enough to proudly present itself to the world with a (small) hardware hack and some major software hacks to destroy your OS X system, and create a modern NeXT system. If you're not afraid of a good amount of UNIX hacking, a little Applescripting, and you've heard all of our previous episodes, then you're ready to take on some serious mods. Join us, if you dare.

Feeling nervous? Check out our photo gallery and get jealous.

Fink Project
Quicksilver Quicksilver at Google Code

free art for your desktop.  This week, put Trinity on your desktop.

more free art for your desktop

download free wallpaper

play episode 0x09 | ogg episode 0x09

Episode 0x09 / October 19 07 - A special interview episode with Ronald Stewart of the Trinity Audio Group. Klaatu spoke to Ron at the New Media Expo held in Los Angeles recently, about the revolutionary new Trinity audio workstation, a portable mixer, recorder, sampler, drum machine, built-in break-out-box, cd burner -- it'll even stream what you've just mixed to a web server! It does everything -- and it runs Linux.

Trinity Audio Group

free art for your desktop.  This week, a tribute to my favourite OS.

This week's desktop art is a tribute to the listeners of Chess Griffen's LINUX REALITY podcast. Linux is a great OS and if you don't run it on at least one of your computers, then you are missing out on something great.

download free wallpaper

play episode 0x06 | ogg episode 0x06

Episode 0x06 / October 09 07 - Gort and Klaatu talk about HOWTO back up effectively. Klaatu talks about the command line, as usual. Gort explains networking.

Klaatu, incidentally, guest hosted a special GIMP episode of Chess Griffen's Linux Reality podcast. We'd like to thank Chess and his listeners for letting Klaatu ramble on about graphic design, and we urge YOU to go to the Linux Reality site and start learning everything you need to know to get Linux installed on at least one of your computers.

Coming soon...a special episode on installing the fantastic Debian OS on one of your old Macs!

Linux Reality