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Episode 4x20

get 4x20

November 16 2009 - In this two-hour long fourth season finale, Klaatu switches to Ubuntu!...part-time, on his Nokia N800. He does a walk-through of the installation process of, and raves in general about, Mer. He announces a contest. He reveals why he was not at Ontario Linux Fest or Florida Linux Show. He talks about PC-BSD, openSolaris, TinyCore Linux, and general unix-ness. He reviews, in a way, World of Goo. He reads a lot of listener feedback; topics covered are whatislist.sh, a programming series on y0utube, dann runs slackware 13 on his server, gtk-qt-engine, a mini-series of The Prisoner, yacpi, Tubular Bells, Scarlotti midi files and the relationship of math, midi, and the modern interpretation of Baroque, non-free and free nvidia drivers, Python, Transmission, and Indamixx (if you go to the site and look at the indamixx logo, that is Skirlet and Klaatu's design), emacs-fu, emacspeak, not jumping on the G00gle wave, ajax, gopher and the overbite project, Fedora 13 potential names, an Arch-KDE liveCD, a simple Python http server, binary clocks, Blender plugins and where to get them, guest users and your box, Pure Darwin, and probably some more stuff.
Important Links:
PC-BSD Users Handbook
BlastWave Solaris community site
Belenix openSolaris+KDE
TinyCore Linux
Richard Buckland's programming series
The Prisoner mini-series
overbite gopher project open link in lynx or elinks
Fedora 13 proposed names
Asustek and Nvidia Supercomputer
Arch liveCD

Episode 4x19

get 4x19

November 10 2009 - Klaatu goes over what MIDI is, how to use it in Qtractor, how to use soft synths and effect processors with Qtractor, including native Linux VST support. He also talks about the plasmoids Daisy and YAWP.
Important Links:
DSSI soft synths
Steve Harris LADSPA plugins
Calf FX plugins
Steinberg VST SDK

Episode 4x18

get 4x18

October 27 2009 - Slackware 13 part 3 of 2. Yes, Klaatu had yet more to say about Slackware, or rather you the listeners did. This is some great and very informative listener feedback loaded with cool Slackware tips. Plus, Klaatu talks about an exciting new project called Slackermedia, which is *not* a distro, but could be the best Linux multimedia solution available (if we may humbly say so)!
Important Links:
Alien BOB scripts and homepage

Episode 4xMoblin

get 4xMoblin

October 20 2009 - A bonus episode with guest host Rob Anderson by way of Matthew Craig. This is a LUG presentation about Moblin. This audio has a Bad Apples theme and brief intro by Klaatu at the head and tail and has been normalized for volume.
Important Links:
Fedora 12 Alpha Release Notes

Episode 4x17

get 4x17

October 18 2009 - Klaatu continues with Slackware 13, covering mostly slackbuilds, sbopkg, and some other stuff including gtk-qt-engine and other good things to install to beef up your Slack install. He also reads some listener feedback. Turns out that a mere 2-part episode on Slackware wasn't enough, so part 3 of this two-part series is coming up next week.
Important Links:
Slackware 13

Episode 4x16

get 4x16

October 10 2009 - Klaatu talks about Slackware 13, including pre-installation considerations, installation, configuration, package management, and more. This is part one of two episodes about Slackware 13, so stay tuned!
Important Links:
Slackware 13
Unofficial PPC port

Episode 4x15

get 4x15

September 30 2009 - Klaatu reports on his Ohio Linux Fest 2009 experience and plays OLF interviews with The Last Known God, Jeremy from DistroCast, and Dave Yates -- who has some startling news about his Lotta Linux Links podcast!
Important Links:
Lotta Linux Links Ogg Cast now...in ogg ONLY!?!?
Ohio Linux Fest

Episode 4x14

get 4x14

September 16 2009 - Klaatu reads a bunch of listener feedback, talks about KDE Global Keyboard Shortcuts, and speculates on what OS the USS Voyager runs.
Important Links:
Slackware 13 is...still out!
Random Skype Recording Software for Linux
Ohio Linux Fest Schedule
Halloween Documents
Install Chromium on Fedora with Tom Callaway's Repo
Ogg Theora CookBook - free ebook

ohio linux fest banner.  if you dont see anything here it is being blocked by adblock.

Episode 4x13

get 4x13

August 19 2009 - Klaatu talks about making proprietary systems more free, and why he chooses certain distros for specific tasks.
Important Links:
Slackware 13 is out!

Episode 4x11

get 4x11

August 19 2009 - Klaatu gives you the 411 on unix groups and group permissions, Linux drivers, and how to make your own coffee blends. Due to some really bad audio in previous takes, some of the listener feedback has probably been lost to time. Hopefully Klaatu will look back in archives and be able to figure out which emails need to be re-read, but if not, and you wrote in, you may have to settle for the email response Klaatu sent you over an audio response. Don't take it personally, just email Klaatu and let him know that talking into the wrong end of his Nokia by an open window facing a busy street is a really bad idea. *** This episode has been updated as of September 3rd after an email from Per Lindström pointing out that Klaatu at times screwed up the function of eXecute. Oops. So download the corrected version asap if you intend to ever listen to that episode again. There are only minor differences, but if you're listening to the GROUPS segment as a tutorial, they will be VITAL differences you will want to hear. ****
Important Links:
a lot of linux links
Linux Identity's Fedora 11 issue with at least 4 really good articles

Episode 4x12

get 4x12

August 19 2009 - Klaatu screwed up a segment in episode 4x11 and so is re-recording that, but in the meantime here is episode 4x12, in which Klaatu talks A LOT about irssi and how to use it and how to impletement auto logins and stuff like that. He also talks about textfiles.com, Ohio Linux Fest, and kernelnewbies.com.
Important Links:
Jason Scott's textfiles.com
Ohio Linux Fest site
cliff notes on the kernel
irssi scripts
a lot of linux links
Linux Identity's Fedora 11 issue with at least 4 really good articles

Episode 4x10

get 4x10

August 4 2009 - Klaatu talks about audio levels and a CLI app called normalize. He discusses a new feature or two in qtractor 0.4.2. And then he takes listener feedback, including an audio comment from rkirk about tac, wc, and deborphan, and emails about rsstail, multitail, rtorrent, usability and Linux, and much more.
Important Links:
official Fedora iso images
ars technica tutorial on building a wysiwyg editor with webkit+html5

Episode 4x09

get 4x09

July 27 2009 - All about compiling. If you've never compiled software from source, or if you comile software from source but are sometimes stopped by puzzling errors, this is the episode for you. For about an hour, Klaatu analyzes, explains (to the best of his ability, anyway, and troubleshoots the process of compiling from source code.
) Important Links:
Dann's Blog Entry on Packaging Formats
the make manual

Episode 4x08

get 4x08

July 20 2009 - The Command Line OS episode. Klaatu talks about all the little CLI apps he uses on a daily basis. Of course he mentions the big ones, like lynx, alpine, and vim, but he also talks about the more obscure tee, netstat, dhclient, ls -alFsilt, and many more.
Important Links:
Linux Man Pages Online
Online vim tips 'n tricks
image magick online documentation

Episode 4x07

get 4x07

July 12 2009 - Klaatu tries out Open Solaris 06.2009, Mepis 8, PC Linux OS, and Zenwalk 6. He then discovers a little-known gem -- an application called OpenOffice.org 3.0, and talks about Scribus and why you should champion it as one of the BIG Linux success stories. Between Open Solaris and Open Office coverage, you may think Klaatu was paid off by Sun Microsystems for advertising and, well, you'd be right...just kidding, it was just a weird coincidence. Lulz.
Important Links:
Open Solaris
Mepis Linux
PC Linux OS
Zenwalk Linux
Slackware - are we at 13 yet?

Episode 4x06

get 4x06

July 06 2009 - The show you, the listeners, made with all your listener feedback. Klaatu goes through his horribly disorganized email inbox and reads everything out loud, word per word. Actually, he just sums up the good stuff. As usual, he probably missed some emails that should have been read, and if that's the case, just email him again and bug him about it.
In this episode, we hear the voice of Ken Fallon telling us all about /etc/nsswitch and DNS and ssh configs, a sega genesis emulator tool, some random links from the always-interesting Ron -- including a good litmus test to see just how geeky you are, some thoughts about qemu from DeepGeek, a comment on Chess Griffen's blog posting about Mono and Chris Smart's article on the same -- and some comments about Mono in general, feedback from LostInBronx about cappuccino techniques and his shameful attempt to make milk-frothing easier (although he makes up for it with some really cool coffee tips), a blog post on https by Moser, a comment from Techie Geek host Russ Wenner, and much much more.
Important Links:
jschiwal's ogg2mp3 shell script
Ken Fallon's DNS Fail
a wiki article on the getent command
RTFM about ssh configuration
Talk Geek To Me Podcast
Chris Smart Article on Mono
le weblogue de Chess Griffin
The First Few Milliseconds of Https

Verbal and Mrs. Verbal's SELF Coverage

Verbal SELF Coverage

July 04 2009 - Klaatu wasn't involved in any way with this (except for being at SELF and being interviewed) but this is an incredibly entertaining, spectacularly done work of audio art. It paints a charming and fun picture of Verbal (from Chicago) and Mrs. Verbal, on the road toward and hanging out at SELF. Unbelievably good stuff. Give it a listen. This, along with Fawkesfyre's HPR episodes, are true examples of audio art. Gort approves.
Important Links:
Linux Trivia Show
fawkesfyre on HPR

Episode 4x05.0099999

ogg 4x05.0099999

July 02 2009 - This is an unofficial episode of The Bad Apples; a bonus SELF episode that finds Klaatu and Dann Washko of TLLTS chilling on the curb just outside of the bar where the after party was held. They talk about SELF, the South, Southern hospitality, books, hair dye, and lots more. This is pretty raw stuff, not edited, just audio as it happened. Not necessarily interesting, yet not necessarily boring. Hopefully it will have that certain you-are-there quality to it. Enjoy. Or skip it. No hurt feelings either way. At the end there is a song by Infinite Symphony with Klaatu's pal Skirlet on drums.
Important Links:
Infinite Symphony
The Linux Link Tech Show

Episode 4x05

ogg 4x05

June 29 2009 - Part 2 of the big post-SELF show! Klaatu interviews Dave Yates, chairman of the SouthEast Linux Fest. He interviews Ethan and John, two local LUG members and part of the crew who made SELF happen. And finally he sits down for a cup of coffee with Linux Crank cohort and *box themer, snkmchnb.
Important Links:
Snack Machine B website
Greenfoot - teaching evilWombats java
Java IDE

Episode 4x04

ogg 4x04

June 22 2009 - The big post-SELF show! Part 1 of 2. Klaatu gives a brief review of the SouthEast Linux Fest, and then interviews Chad of Linux Basement, Bryan of the Florida Linux Show, and cobra2 of unixporn.com.
Important Links:
Linux Basement Linux Podcast
Florida Linux Show
Shellium (Free Shell Account! courtesy Bryan)
Cobra2 is an admin over at unixporn
Cobra2's Distro-of-Choice
Cobra2's Current Distro of Choice

Episode 4x03

ogg 4x03

June 10 2009 - The big pre-SELF show...otherwise known as the omg-SELF-is-in-four-days-I'd-better-do-an-episode-before-I-leave episode... Klaatu talks about SELF, the philosophy of git, audacity power-user tips, and some (but still not all, Ken) listener feedback.
Important Links:
The Git Parable
The Blog Klaatu Stole the Git Parable Tip From
SouthEast Linux Fest BOF Sessions
Klaatu's audacity.cfg file

Episode 4x02

ogg 4x02

June 3 2009 - Klaatu does a qtractor walk-through. If you are new to audio editing applications, this may be a good episode for you to hear. You may follow along with this walkthrough via Klaatu's tutorial. If you have no interest in audio editing or Qtractor, you can safely skip this episode; this is a qtractor walkthrough only, without any witty comments, wry humour, or insightful observations, so you won't be missing anything. ...or will you?
Important Links:
qtractor audio editing tutorial
Freesound Project - free sounds for your projects Future Music - music mag that often comes with royalty-free samples 'n' loops Computer Music - music mag that always comes with royalty-free samples 'n' loops Klaatu's Qtractor.conf file

Episode 4x01

ogg 4x01

June 02 2009 - Klaatu talks about bad GIMP scaling algorithms, SELF, YAWP, and reveals how the internets are failing us. He gives an update on his Blender idea, talks about why he loves Linux, and some other stuff.
Important Links:
SouthEast Linux Fest
Yet Another Weather Plasmoid (aka, The Best Weather Plasmoid Yet)
Randy Nose's Internet Fail

Episode 4x00

ogg 4x00

May 8 2009 - Fun with your /etc/hosts file! Webkam for webcams written in RubyQt! Coffee tips & tricks! Music powerhouse Qtractor! And probably some other stuff.
Important Links: