January 01, 2010: Episode 5x01Ogg 5x01 | Speex 5x01

HOWTO use stand-alone soft synths with a DAW via JACK. Klaatu uses Qsynth, QJackCtl, and Qtractor as an example scenario but the information applies broadly across most computer music environments. Klaatu also talks a bit about Chess Griffin's mashpodder, reads some listener feedback, and steals back his identity from the evilness that is microblogging.

Important Links:
Hammersound repository of soundfonts
Most all hammersound soundfonts in one 600mb download
Battery Monitor Script
December 23, 2009: Episode 5x00Ogg 5x00 | Speex 5x00

Klaatu talks about the Rockbox GUI installer, Linux laptops, Linux in Hollywood, the new website courtesy snackMachineB, the new speex feed courtesy xiph and monsterb of titradio, KDE, the controversial winners of the TLLTS tshirt contest, listener feedback, and a bit more.

Important Links:
NASAimages.org by the folks over at archive.org
KDE Camp
KDE REbranding
The Linux Link Tech Show