September 2, 2010: Episode 5x20Ogg 5x20 | Speex 5x20

End of Season Five. Warning, this is a two-hour episode so take the scenic route to work. Klaatu talks about Makefiles, how to write them and how to use them for ordinary tasks like managing docbook processing. He also talks of cool little perl scripts like txt2docbook, and pdftk (thanks SndChaser for that), and generally what his workflow is in doing exciting docbook projects. Then he talks for a while about his experiences with freeBSD 8.1 so far, with more as that story develops next season. He continues on to talk about and how great it is. Oh yeah and he finally changes the name of the show.

Important Links:
txt2docbook perl script
open clip art dot org
freeBSD Handbook - written in docbook, no less
August 26, 2010: Episode 5x19Ogg 5x19 | Speex 5x19

Klaatu's docbook tutorial.

Important Links:
Docbook Crash Course free ebook The Definitive Guide
Download the Docbook Schema
August 8, 2010: Episode 5x18Ogg 5x18 | Speex 5x18

Klaatu takes listener feedback, with more BASH tips, some python code, a free ebook, more about Ohio Linux Fest, Hack Radio Live and HPR, and other random stuff.

Important Links:
Hack Radio Live
FLOSS Manuals - free ebooks
Ohio Linux Fest 2010 Schedule
Ohio Linux Fest Registration is OPEN
August 2, 2010: Episode 5x17Ogg 5x17 | Speex 5x17

Klaatu talks about a Perl-based search site, KDE, Krunner Dictionary, Fast User Switcher plasmoid, compiling applications on KDE with cmake and using kbuildsycoca4 and kquitapp, KDE everywhere, whether "coffee" should be spelt with "c" or "k", and Fusion Linux. Due to talking too much, he runs out of time for listener feedback so expect next episode to cover that topic.

Important Links:
Duck Duck Go, a Perl-based search site
Krunner Dictionary
Fast User Switch plasmoid
Plasma Mobile
Fusion Linux
July 12, 2010: Episode 5x16Ogg 5x16 | Speex 5x16

Klaatu talks about OLF, sigFLUP, gives a BASH HOWTO for Advanced Noobs, and listener feedback.

Important Links:
Uber Leet Hacker Force
the Fedora Reloaded BASH Episode

send a hacker to OLF fund

July 12, 2010: Episode 5x15Ogg 5x15 | Speex 5x15

Klaatu talks about the results of the Great Linux Multimedia Sprint and where to get all the stuff and apologizes for not having been organized enough to get all the names of the people who helped out with it - next sprint will be better tracked. Klaatu also talks about the evilness that is licensing and how great Creative Commons is. He also talks about the Slackermedia booth at SELF, the fact that SigFLUP is going to OLF, yesplz and un!xp0rn, geek culture, the maemo5 theme for Diablo on the n800 and telescope the app switcher, and an overview of the current state of multimedia content creation on teh GNU Linuxes.

Important Links:
Uber Leet Hacker Force
maemo5 theme for diablo
telescope app switcher for Maemo
July 11, 2010: Ad Mod

Microsofts latest ad campain for an XP service pack is not appreciated by Microsoft fans.

July 6, 2010: Episode 5x14Ogg 5x14 | Speex 5x14

Sansa Fuze review, and then Rockbox.

Important Links:
Rockbox Sansa Fuze page
Sansa Fuze Firmware xx.02.26
June 17, 2010: Episode 5x13Ogg 5x13 | Speex 5x13

Triskaidekaphobia! (thanks, Murph, for that term) The cursed thirteenth episode of the fifth season.

Important Links:
June 05, 2010: Episode 5x12Ogg 5x12 | Speex 5x12

Klaatu talks about upcoming festivals, two exciting new GNU Linux distro releases, wpa_supplicant to get onto WEP networks, more about Mer and Meego, Lucene and Antya, and lots more stuff.

Important Links:
using wpa_supplicant to get onto WEP encrypted network
Southeast Linux Fest
April 16, 2010: Episode 5x11Ogg 5x11 | Speex 5x11

Howto create a torrent, howto read a binary clock to impress your friends, listener feedback including random philosophic meanderings, listener response to Chess, lightworks going open source, and general feedback.

Important Links:
EditShare homepage for Lightworks
Phoronix on Lightworks
April 11, 2010: Episode 5x10Ogg 5x10 | Speex 5x10

Klaatu sits down for coffee with Chess Griffin to talk about sbopkg, SlackBuilds, getting Slack, openBSD, ports, Linux Reality, life, and time. Klaatu tried a new phone recorder during this very important interview, resulting in what longtime Bad Apple fans will consider as sub-optimal audio quality. Files are encoded at a higher sample rate than usual to compensate.

Important Links: proper
sbopkg on google code
Linux Reality
Slackware GNU Linux
April 7, 2010: Episode 5x09Ogg 5x09 | Speex 5x09

Klaatu talks about liveCDs that he's tried lately, weighs in on the maemo moblin meego and mer issue, and does a howto set up gitorious and your local git clone for your own project. He takes some listener feedback from people like Jim and Thoth and other random listeners, and talks a bit about Slackermedia.

Important Links:
March 19, 2010: Episode 5x08Ogg 5x08 | Speex 5x08

In this week's exciting episode, Klaatu apologizes for threatening to kill the speex feed and begs his kind listeners for forgiveness and mercy, he talks about the mystery that is the mbox format plus a handy mbox converter tool called formail (part of the procmail package). He covers how to set up an FTP server with vsFTPd. And finally he talks about his recent speexenc tests and what he's found out about the major speexenc flags.

Important Links:
Speex Codec Manual
vsFTPd - a redirect to this page
March 15, 2010: Episode 5x07Ogg 5x07 | Speex 5x07

Klaatu brings us a blast from the past, playing an old Gort segment from season 1, about webcam security, apropos now more than ever, in light of the recent US school district that was caught spying on their students via their Macbooks. This Gort segment teaches you (or your mac-using friends) how to hunt down the webcam driver in Mac OS and remove it so that the webcam cannot be activated without your knowledge. Klaatu also examines how the free software philosophy encourages understanding computers as opposed to how proprietary software encourages people to not even think about their computer or what might be happening behind the spying webcams. Klaatu then talks about how to get your favourite free software on openSolaris via openCSW, and howto get animated desktop backgrounds for Fluxbox. He then takes listener feedback; he talks about why the Windows Registry sucks, technically, about (and gives the wrong URL for it so please see the links below), Blender 2.5 alpha, meego, Off The Wall and an article in 2600 by sigflup, and a windows virus.

Important Links:
Why the Windows Registry Sucks...Technically
Linux Planet dot Org
off the wall - a redirect to this page
March 05, 2010: Episode 5x06Ogg 5x06 | Speex 5x06

Klaatu talks about the upcoming enlightenment e17 stable release - the project's first stable release in ten years! He talks about the upcoming festivals South East Linux Fest and FossCon. And finally he talks about HOWTO use your mail spool system to send and receive email using apps with fancy acronyms like MTA, MDA, and MUA. And finally, he thanks Enigma from Hacker Public Radio for providing a new, easy URL for the show.

Important Links:
e17 Release
man procmail
man fetchmail
man sendmail
man mutt
man mail
msmtp - a good substitute for sendmail - a redirect to this page
February 26, 2010: Episode 5x05Ogg 5x05 | Speex 5x05

Klaatu talks about RSS and XML and schemas and stuff, FossCon, and listener feedback.

Important Links:
RSS Schema
February 18, 2010: Episode 5x04Ogg 5x04 | Speex 5x04

HOWTO get foreign characters using xmodmap and .Xmodmap on GNU Linux. Klaatu reads listener feedback and discusses things like 'the eeePC reviewed after two years' and speexenc and Audacity samplerate settings, feh vs. fbsetbg, and more.

Important Links:
shownotes on the xmodmap thing
some cool wallpaper
January 29, 2010: Episode 5x03Ogg 5x03 | Speex 5x03

HOWTO configure Fluxbox. Klaatu reviews the Great GNU+Linux Multimedia Spring of 2010; the links to the results of that are forthcoming.

Important Links:
This Week's Random Coffee Link
January 19, 2010: Episode 5x02Ogg 5x02 | Speex 5x02

Klaatu provides audio documentation on how to get emacspeak running on Linux, using Slackware as the base, but the instructions apply pretty much to any Linux system with ALSA, TCL, and TK. He reads listener feedback.

Important Links:
eflite speech server - the missing link
ever notice how money isn't blind-person friendly?
January 01, 2010: Episode 5x01Ogg 5x01 | Speex 5x01

HOWTO use stand-alone soft synths with a DAW via JACK. Klaatu uses Qsynth, QJackCtl, and Qtractor as an example scenario but the information applies broadly across most computer music environments. Klaatu also talks a bit about Chess Griffin's mashpodder, reads some listener feedback, and steals back his identity from the evilness that is microblogging.

Important Links:
Hammersound repository of soundfonts
Most all hammersound soundfonts in one 600mb download
Battery Monitor Script
December 23, 2009: Episode 5x00Ogg 5x00 | Speex 5x00

Klaatu talks about the Rockbox GUI installer, Linux laptops, Linux in Hollywood, the new website courtesy snackMachineB, the new speex feed courtesy xiph and monsterb of titradio, KDE, the controversial winners of the TLLTS tshirt contest, listener feedback, and a bit more.

Important Links:
rockbox by the folks over at
KDE Camp
KDE REbranding
The Linux Link Tech Show