September 19, 2011: Episode 6x20Ogg 6x20 | Speex 6x20

The season finale extravaganza. A two hour, rambling episode in which Klaatu talks about Gnome 3, Amarok, Clonezilla, diversity in Free Software, HFS woes, HOWTO set up a printer on your Linux OS, and lots of listener feedback. Feedback topics include Lord Drachenblut's info about virtual box usb stack, Deepgeek's info on openVZ, thrice discovers bsdtar, Patrick Archibald's audio question, Edward Wood (probably not the B-Movie director?) and rowinggolfer's picture-in-picture hack, Matt asking about removing meta data from videos with ffmpeg, David's HPR feedback.

That's it. Season 6 is over, get ready for season 7.

ogg 283c1e16076b1f29d6c41f03e26b6edc
spx 38c380ddd0d275b6d745880660b4b427
Important Links:
Rowinggolfer Ffmpeg Mplayer Screencast Blogpost
September 4, 2011: Episode 6x19Ogg 6x19 | Speex 6x19

HOWTO convert RHEL (specifically 6 but it's basically the same for 5.x) to Scientific Linux, and Klaatu muses over the concept of an Enterprise operating system and what restrictions it inherently places on "supported" customization. Klaatu reads and responds to listener feedback about other Unices, the BSD license vs GPL, the spreading of UNIX, logical volumes, and howto remove meta data from video files with ffmpeg.

ogg d830242410ce35173b89dd09c8fcfe2d
spx af0df61a1946cebedf459bc647dc6eed
Important Links:
Scientific Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Free Software Foundation Europe
August 31, 2011: Potato Memorial Pic

	      image: a picture of potato saying 'dont worry im in a bettur place now. look i can haz moar catnip'

A cat friend of Klaatu's blast his little soul into the Great Beyond last night. Potato was a Russian Blue, an avid fan of MST3k (go watch "Pod People"). He was laid back, easy-going, and an all-around decent guy; the type of cat you could just sit and have coffee with, or chat about Linux, or just sit and pet.

Now Potato's moved on, and of course he will be missed, but then again, he's not really gone, is he? he's just finally git push'd his commits.

August 29, 2011: Episode 6x18Ogg 6x18 | Speex 6x18

Klaatu talks about the convention of .desktop files and compares them to a similar but inferiour technology on his fave-o-rite proprietary OS. And then he talks about some of the arguments against free software that he has heard. Not for the faint of heart!

ogg 6d437e01a86b2aaf1db0e19c12e420a4
spx ed5dcca7047411847c0ccd0b069bd637
Important Links:
Desktop Entry Specification by the
Ohio Linux, just two-ish weeks away!!!
August 15, 2011: Episode 6x17Ogg 6x17 | Speex 6x17

Howto extract an RPM, howto change passwords without logging in on OS X, some BASH one-liners, Ken Fallon's safe-bash-scripting tip, screenwriter.el fork, and a new server gets donated by thelastknowngod for!

ogg a51ddecd7a3203f93e4b693ba6544361
spx ce8a1ecc313c60a29a257b99a814d225
Important Links:
Ohio Linux, just around the corner!
August 10, 2011: Episode 6x16Ogg 6x16 | Speex 6x16

Klaatu talks about some tips when installing BSD, how to mount logical volumes, listener feedback, and why Linux shouldn't feel the need to change its own paradigms.

ogg 6b9a27c99308f970e904efe7836919d1
spx cb27cf51eb3a4eddb8a829d865a84d57
Important Links:
PC BSD, making freeBSD magically capable of 3d acceleration
PBIdir contains binary packages for PC-BSD
July 25, 2011: Episode 6x15Ogg 6x15 | Speex 6x15

Klaatu interviews Lostnbronx about his audio drama work, the Creative Commons, art, audio production on Linux, media management, and lots more.

ogg b96dbe1dace2a1b6d5c4bc18bf6f33b2
spx f05bb29e69fe32394a3440563658c7e8
Important Links:
Lostnbronx's Gopher site
Blue Heaven and Eddie K
July 8, 2011: Episode 6x14Ogg 6x14 | Speex 6x14

Klaatu talks about kvm-qemu, vlock, kdenlive, icc profiles, and coffee.

ogg 3b25878c887baa7fa3c4c4f093b2773f
spx 98afb7a9b48188994d5d222b29f87a9e
Important Links:
kdenlive reaches 1.0! whether they know it or not!
This Week In Linux video cast
ICC Profiles SlackBuild = special thanks to thrice
separate+ SlackBuild
Ohio Linux Fest
May 9, 2011: Episode 6x13.37Ogg 6x13.37 | Speex 6x13.37

Slackware 13.37 is out and the install DVDs have shipped. In this episode, Klaatu talks about why he likes Slackware, gives an overview of the Slackware packaging system, and reads some listener feedback.

ogg b56ac9ce96f8eff5ce074aaca2e005d5
spx caef5b06fb195ea87df66240a8b58eb1
Important Links:
Slackware 13.37
April 30, 2011: Episode 6x12Ogg 6x12 | Speex 6x12

Klaatu raves about the ease of Wordpress migration and tells you how to do it, Gnome 3, Unity and its Global Menu bar, user interface design and the concept of "Simplicity", Silver Eclipse, listener feedback about DHCP stuff, and plays an outro by independent musician Broam.

ogg 8503ac7cb9d6244b0ab1fa957a16e052
spx 0ab11e29471b5b74e2b438c970a46e75
Important Links:
Gnome 3
Ubuntu and Unity
Silver Eclipse
April 15, 2011: Episode 6x11Ogg 6x11 | Speex 6x11

The Rsync Server Tutorial. Plus, some listener impending Slackware 13.37 release, Klaatu waxes philosophical about Video Games, Gamer Culture, why games should be Free Software, the Humble Bundle, and Oggcast Planet's First Anniversary.

Important Links:
Humble Bundle
Blender 2.57 - the first Blender stable 2.5x is released and is GREAT
Slackware 13.37 soon!
dedoimedo blog
March 29, 2011: Episode 6x10Ogg 6x10 | Speex 6x10

Klaatu raves about the first Indiana Linux Fest, talks about some command line multimedia apps, the concept of software "features", and ssh-copy-id.

Important Links:
This Week In Linux - a cool video cast about this week. In Linux.
Blender 2.56beta - beautiful interface!
CLI Magic
Bombono DVD Author
March 08, 2011: Episode 6x09Ogg 6x09 | Speex 6x09

Klaatu talks about Synfig Studio, the 2d animation app for GNU Linux. He raves about Publican, the perl frontend for docbook from the folks at Fedora. He talks about installing new software on a variety of operating systems, coffee, Fat Chance Lester's new album, and more.

Important Links:
Synfig Studio
Fat Chance Lester The Ruins of Earth
March 04, 2011: Episode 6x08Ogg 6x08 | Speex 6x08

Klaatu talks about a patch for screenplay.el, give a tutorial on intermediate BASH scripting including cool tricks like "if/then" loops, "exit", and the $@ variable. He talks about the fine screenplay-tools software suite, the text2pdf application, thrice's e17 slackbuild, Doug's python tutorial, and the alt3red egos comic book cast. And finally, he gives an Official Statement on Maemo!

Important Links:
screenplay.el patch
e17 slackbuild by thrice
Doug's HPR Ep on Python
Alt3red Egos Comic Cast
Evil Empires League
February 12, 2011: Episode 6x07Ogg 6x07 | Speex 6x07

Klaatu talks about GNU Emacs and the fantastic screenplay-mode, including how to get it, how to install it, and how to customize it. He also announces the free Slackermedia ebook version 1.0

Important Links:
GNU Emacs
a simple emacs cheatsheet (on gopher)
January 20, 2011: Episode 6x06Ogg 6x06 | Speex 6x06

Klaatu takes some listener feedback, discusing The Last Known God's server beep notification, the 7zip lack of file permissions, user data migration, a GIMP tip, Audacity config, and more about the Auteur NLE.

Important Links:
rowinggolfer's git repo for Auteur
Klaatu's git intro on HPR
Scale in Steps GIMP plugin
December 25, 2010: Episode 6x05Ogg 6x05 | Speex 6x05

In this mildly exciting Christmas episode, Klaatu talks about his proof-of-concept video editor for Linux and BSD and similar. The traditional Gnu World Order christmas song is played at the end of the ogg version.

UPDATE! Rowinggolfer of Open Molar fame has taken notice of Klaatu's humble project and has started contributing real code to it! Check out rowinggolfer's git repository in the link section.

Important Links:
rowinggolfer's git repo
Klaatu's git repo
Klaatu's git intro on HPR
December 9, 2010: Episode 6x04Ogg 6x04 | Speex 6x04

Klaatu talks about the latest Rockbox release, howto set up a music server for your network with MPD and even stream it via http, and finally about the rebirth of HPR, and the Northeast Linux Fest, and some other stuff.

Important Links:
mpd wiki
November 16, 2010: Episode 6x03Ogg 6x03 | Speex 6x03

Klaatu talks about his great love for GNU, Linux, KDE, Fedora, Debian, PowerPC, and, of course, Apple.

Important Links:
Patrick Archibald's Fantastic Map demo vid
Fat Chance Lester
Patrick Archibald - the Man, the Myth, the IS Manager
October 18, 2010: Episode 6x02Ogg 6x02 | Speex 6x02

Klaatu talks about data management, split, flac, 7zip, lzma, xz, and takes some listener feedback about random stuff including a new comic book podcast (the name of which he gets completely wrong), the new Gnu World Order audio promos, and some other stuff. Note that in the speex version he plays the new promos, and in the speex version they have been cut out.

Important Links:
Alt3red Egos comic book cast
Fat Chance Lester
September 23, 2010: Episode 6x01Ogg 6x01 | Speex 6x01

Klaatu talks about sound, sample rates, mono vs stereo, dynamic range compression, levellers, limiters, EQ, and quite a lot more. He takes some listener feedback, and makes a very very incredibly important and exciting, no-kidding-this-is-big secret special announcment you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! The show runs a little longer than usual, due to the severity and global significance of the information being imparted.

Important Links:
Terryf's Juiced Penguin
SndChsr's Cerebral Mix
Silver Eclipse hey look, tshirts by Mordancy!
Open Source Musician Podcast
September 15, 2010: Episode 6x00Ogg 6x00 | Speex 6x00

Klaatu, just back from Ohio Linux Fest 2010 raves about the festival and tries in vain not to mention any names. He talks about sigFLUP's amazing tech creation, the Passy Pass, and Mordancy's amazing tshirt designs. He talks about his experience at the KDE booth, waxes philosophic about Names and Handles, and reveals the fix he learned about running KDE on freeBSD 8.1

By the way, kids, did you know the movie HACKERS was released today? Yep, way back in 1986! Our heros Zero Cool and Pr0nBait hacked the planet and flew through the internet in 3d action, changing our lives forever. If you haven't seen this fine work of cinematic leetness, torrent it today!

Important Links:
Uber Leet Hacker Force for info on Passy Pass and sigFLUP's talk
Silver Eclipse coolest tshirts EVAR!!!
linux questions freebsd touchpad solution
September 6, 2010: Episode 6x00Ogg 6x00 | Speex 6x00

Forthcoming. In the meantime, we have a fancy new domain name. Guess where it redirects?

Important Links:

Footnotes on Accessibility

Deaf Users:

Unfortunately I have not managed to find the time to transcribe the episodes that I record, or even do very elaborate shownotes as many people do for their shows. You're not missing much, though; I just ramble on and on about one thing or another, and the actual content can usually be condensed pretty effectively into short little articles. These articles I write for a few different places but much of it ends up on my gopher site, also accessible via the new-fangledhttp protocol.

So far I've not heard, at least as far as I know, from any deaf users about my show or articles. If you are a deaf user and find my content unacceptably inaccessible, then please feel free to let me know via email, IRC, or jabber. My email username is klaatu, and the domain that forwards the email to me is

Other Places I Dump Content:
Slackermedia is an ebook project explaining how to create multimedia on GNU Linux
XStraightXEdgeXLinuX is a dump of random articles and essays I've written, some redundancy, mostly still in-progress. But some good stuff.
...and generally other articles or books that I'm working on, which I'll announce once they are available.

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