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Episode 3x20

ogg 3x20

Apr 11 2009 - Last episode of season 3, in which Klaatu talks about Ivan Cukic's hack to create a Chrome-like browser using Webkit and Dbus, he speculates verbosely about the mythical Average Joe Computer User (again), talks about how Linux is presented by the average geek to the general computer-using community, does a review of DigiKam, plays a promo for the SouthEast Linux Fest, talks about monsterb's plan to do an HPR episode of how linux users find linux (and requests your input), takes listener feedback -- including the first Bad Apples audio comment.
Important Links:
Ivan Cukic Instant Chrome
Hacker Public Radio

Episode 3x19

ogg 3x19

Mar 7 2009 - Klaatu brags about having been right all along about KDE 4.x and its newfound greatness with 4.2. He reviews the new features of 4.2, and then waxes philosophical on how software matures. He praises the Debian project for their 5.0 release and, again, waxes philosophical about why Debian is so great. He takes some listener feedback, talks a bit about Adobe AIR, and then gives an update on his ever-exciting Blender NLE Pro idea.
Important Links:
Richard Stallman interview on PolishLinux.org thanks Ron!
Aegisub thanks PixelJuice!
The Qt Framework
Blender NLE Mockup
Blender Mockup Post

Episode 3x18

no mp3 | ogg 3x18

Feb 2 2009 - Howto make Hydrogen drum kits. Audacity power user tips. Font Forge and www.yourfonts.com (stolen from Richard Querin's blog). Listener feedback.
Important Links:
iAudio and Slackware
Hydrogen Drum Machine for GNU Linux
Hydrogen Drum Kits for Download
Font Forge
User Content: Gruen's ogg2mp3 bash script
Klaatu's Yamaha RX15 Drum Kit for Hydrogen

Episode 3x16

no mp3 | ogg 3x16

Jan 26 2009 - Listener feedback, tips, listener feedback, tips.
Important Links:
planetKDE blogs
the wild wacky linux cranks forums

Episode 3x17

no mp3 | ogg 3x17

Jan 17 2009 - KDE 4.2 is just around the korner and Klaatu gives his thoughts on it, and relates a helpful plasma tip courtesy aaron seigo's blog, and teaches us how to set environment variables. He speaks about ogg and a listener tip on how to easily convert ogg to your iPod using Rhythmbox, and speaks his mind about the Linux Cranks Oggcast controversy! After a brief coffee break, he does a quick tutorial on recording your desktop with ffmpeg x11grab, and how to make sure you have the right version of ffmpeg. Finally he reads some listener feedback.
Important Links:
ffmpeg official site
planetKDE blogs
the wild wacky linux cranks forums

Episode 3x15

no mp3 | ogg 3x15

Jan 12 2009 - Klaatu discusses marketing and Linux, but realizes quickly that he has no point to make. He gives us a review of gOS 3.1 "Gadgets", talks about the noob-friendly app Gnome Formatter (a much-appreciated successor to gFloppy), the command line apps lspci and lsusb, does a listener feedback fake out, and so on.
Important Links:
Gnome Format

Episode 3x14

no mp3 | ogg 3x14

Jan 8 2009 - Klaatu uses the new year to catch up on listener feedback. He rants a bit about Verizon, as well, including how to hack around some of the Westell modems that Verizon distributes along with some of their "highspeed internet" packages.

Episode 3x13

no mp3 | ogg 3x13

Dec 23 2008 - Today, in a very special episode of The Bad Apple Linux Cast, the entire cast of Friends reunite (yes, even that one who died) to join Klaatu in an old fashioned Christmas sing-a-long. A special visit from Santa teaches the Grinch the true meaning of Christmas, and and the zany comedic antics of Sparkle the KDE Elf is guaranteed to keep you in stitches. As with every Bad Apple holiday show, this one closes with a rousing song and dance number featuring your favourite generic pop singers.

Note that there is still no mp3 feed.

Episode 3x11

no mp3 | ogg 3x11

Dec 19 2008In this exciting 11th episode, Klaatu talks about howto VNC from your Linux box to another Linux box or (in theory) to a Wind0ze box. He mentions Amarok 2.0, speculates and postulates about interface design, wonders why google hates Linux. He asserts that Apple software is perhaps not as intuitive as people seem to the think, gets onto a tangent about Slackintosh and Slackware, and talks about some general stuff. Please note that there is NO mp3 version of this episode. The mp3 feed is dead dead dead dead.

Important Links:
Klaatu's favourite music player
Gnome Human Interface Guideline
KDE Human Interface Guideline
Another KDE Interface Guideline Doc
Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Google Docs Terms of Use
Mother Jones article on Google's Evilness
Crackpot Conspiracy theory about Google's Evilness
Crackpot cult of Google
The great failed google resistor

Episode 3x12

no mp3 | ogg 3x12

Dec 16 2008Klaatu talks about the idea behind putting your var and home directories as separate partitions on a GNU+Linux install, the idea of piracy and the linguistics of the terminology and the societal implications as well as its effect on Free Software (no, really, he does), and finally talks about how to find your way around in the more or less obsolete Open Firmware interface.

Important Links:
Open Firmware Site

Episode 3x10

mp3 3x10 | ogg 3x10

Nov 18 2008 - Klaatu talks about rsync, and the disadvantages of proprietary back-up solutions. Then he reveals his master plan (such as it is) for a Professional and a Hobbyist version of a dedicated Video Editor based on Blender. He finishes up by flaming his fellow Linux Cranks.

Important Links:
Blender Mock Ups
Klaatu's Blender Blog Post

Episode 3x09

ogg only this week | ogg 3x09

Oct 14 2008 - Yes, only OGG this week in part because Klaatu doesn't have his usual editing setup with him, as he is in Ohio. This episode is all about Ohio Linux Festival, and had to be recorded essentially in one take, again due to lack of editing gear. So this may be a bit rambling at times, but Klaatu does cover OLF fairly well, reviews Debian on the eeePC, and reads listener feedback. Enjoy.

Important Links:
Debian for eeePC and other Netbooks

Episode 3x08

mp3 3x08 | ogg 3x08

Sep 20 2008 - First, a rant on comcast to satisfy the rage deep within. Then, a Blender tutorial on how to export your edit out to a self-contained video file. Listener feedback, plus music by CyberCod.

Important Links:
Blender Tutorial 2 - HOWTO export your edit
Klaatu's Codec Episodes on HPR
Screencast on DropBox for Linux CyberCod Music Online

Episode 3x07

mp3 3x07 | ogg 3x07

Sep 13 2008 - Google releases Chrome code to Linux users everywhere. KDE 4.1 is reviewed, by the extremely objective and unbiased Klaatu. OLF is coming up. Klaatu examines sudo and POSIX compliance and "correct behaviour" of *nix.

Important Links:
FireFox FTPuploader Chrome Source Code (aka "the Chromium Project")
K Desktop Environment 4.1 sneak peek of Blender Tutorial 2

Episode 3x06

mp3 3x06 | ogg 3x06

Aug 31 2008 - Klaatu talks about the new N8x0 OS, Diablo, and its nice new updater. He tells you how to use screen to do cool things, he raves over the CLI as if no one else has ever done that before, reads some listener feedback, and plays the show out with a guest song (The Metropolitan) by a listener named John Massey. If you were expecting a second Blender tutorial this week, please wait til next week; Klaatu didn't have time to make screenshots this week!

Important Links:
more John Massey music
Linux Basement Screen Tutorial

lolcat image

Aug 30 2008 - Here at The Bad Apples Linux Cast we believe firmly in the need to clutter up the interwebz with stupid pictures of cats. Without pictures of cats in the tubes, the important data cannot get from one end of the tube to the other, because there are no milestones for it to use. Most data on the webz will navigate through the tubes based on which cat photo they are at; these are called LOcationaL Cat Nodes, usually abbreviated as LOL Cats. Please help clog up the internets and annoy Klaatu by posting as many boring and insipid photos of cats as you possibly can on as many sites as you can gain access to. Also, adding badly spelled text over the photo helps a lot, too.

Important Notes:
Creative Common or GPL3 style license; done in GIMP on Slackware 12.1 free software FTW. Model: Bobcat.

Aug 21 2008 - Klaatu has spent 2 or 3 weeks with Cuil.com as his default search engine, and so far, it is not a great success. Its results are few, often irrelevant, contain little helpful information, and are difficult to sort through. Is it because we're all used to the google format of a big long list of millions of hits? or is it because when you need info, google generally gets it to you FAST? Probably the latter. For kicks, look at the screengrabs above; this is from a Cuil search of "The Bad Apples" - one result has a mystery thumbnail by it (who are these people and what have they got to do with this show??) and the blurb is for what seems like a very random episode rather than for the show itself. The other pic has the correct thumbnail but seems to be directing us to cdbaby.com even though we have nothing on cdbaby.com and cdbaby itself in the blurb says they don't have results for The Bad Apples. And so ends the flirtation with Cuil.com

Important Links:
Cuil Search

Episode 3x05

mp3 3x05 | ogg 3x05

Aug 14 2008 - Klaatu throws together a few tutorials and some listener feedback and calls it an episode. HOWTO get transparency going in Fluxbox, HOWTO edit video with Blender 2.46, email from listeners, and the new LinguistChat podcast is mentioned and eagerly anticipated! Also, celebrity gossip and obligatory vulgar language! (Well, OK, not really.)

Important Links:
Klaatu's Pictoral Blender NLE Tutorial
LinguistChat Podcast
FluxBox Transparency Wiki Page

Episode 3x04

mp3 3x04 | ogg 3x04

Aug 4 2008 - Klaatu speaks with RowingGolfer about programming, Linux, the phenomenon of the recent Chess Griffen sightings (are they cases of mass delusion? or are they real?), a sport called Rowing, golf club etiquette, and dentistry a sport called Rowing, golf club etiquette, and Open Dentistry.

Important Links:
Gstreamer Tutorial by Mr. Bacon
pystreamer official launchpad site
Klaatu's Emergency Backup of All the Linux Reality Episodes
RowingGolfer's Chess Sitings Script

libxml gripes about Apple too


July 21 2008 - I know a few people out there get upset when I complain about Apple's brand of Unix, but just so those people know it's not just Linux fanboy-ism (although admittedly there's a healthy dose of that in my motivation, too) here's what the folks maintaining the Python bindings for libxml have to say:.

Apple regularly ships new system releases with horribly outdated system libraries. This is specifically the case for libxml2 and libxslt, where the system provided versions are too old to build lxml.
While the Unix environment in Mac-OS X makes it relatively easy to install Unix/Linux style package management tools and new software, it actually seems to be hard to get libraries set up for exclusive usage that Mac-OS X ships in an older version. Alternative distributions (like macports) install their libraries in addition to the system libraries, but the compiler and the runtime loader on Mac-OS still sees the system libraries before the new libraries. This can lead to undebuggable crashes where the newer library seems to be loaded but the older system library is used.

Yes this is esoteric to most people, but lately it's been a big problem for me and I think in general it is indicative of how Apple views the Free Software that it so proudly advertises as one of its biggest strengths.
Important Links:
CodeSpeak libXML Python Bindings

Episode 3x03

mp3 3x03 | ogg 3x03

July 21 2008 - In this week's episode, Klaatu talks quite a bit about KDE and Plasma, including a very exciting project by Ivan Cukic, who embedded Plasma onto a motherboard. Klaatu answers a listener email about the X Window System and whether it can or should be like OS X and other GUI environments. Klaatu also does a HOWTO change the language on your Debian system (thanks jLindsay, for that), including how to change the keyboard settings so that you have access to various other alphabets.

Important Links:
Ivan's Plasma Hack
Project Looking Glass
Looking Glass Download
Looking Glass Demo Video

FSF Speaks Out Against iPhone


July 18 2008 - The Free Software Foundation has issued a statement regarding the iPhone. If you haven't read it yet, you should check it out. It's very insightful and 100% true. We wanted to pull a small quote from it, and this one seemed to sum up quite a bit of what was being said:

"Apple, through its marketing and visual design techniques, is manufacturing an illusion that merely buying an Apple makes you part of an alternative community. But the technology they use is explicitly chosen to divide people into separate digital cells, and to position Apple as sole warden. When your business depends on people paying for the privilege of being locked up, the prison better look and feel luxurious, and the bars better not be too visible."

Read the Full Article

Episode 3x02

mp3 3x02 | ogg 3x02

July 14 2008 - Klaatu talks about the EFI Shell, Hackermedia.org and the Chromed Pork podcast, Apple and their me.com debacle and also wonders whether proprietary software vendors have much justification for claiming their product is worth more than Free Software, reads listener email, ponders GUI, X11, and JRE, and much more.

Important Links:
Intel EFI
Free EFI-Shell
Bad Code Exposed!

Episode 3x01

mp3 3x01 | ogg 3x01

June 30 2008 - The second episode of the exciting third season of the Bad Apples Linux Cast! This week's show finds Klaatu recommending a few cool podcasts over techpodcasts.com, praises a company for displaying Tux on a USB flash drive box, and interviews Jonathan, a Linux and Orca user opening a Linux-only computer business.

Important Links:
The Linux Link Tech Show
Lotta Linux Links
Linux Basement
Mandriva Linux

Tux University

gave us zero of zero stars!

Tux University - The site linux.learninghub.com decided to review a number of podcasts based on their educational value. The Bad Apples Linux Cast did NOT get reviewed, so we are proud to say that we were not given a low score. But the page serves one useful purpose; it gives worthy podcasts like Going Linux, Linux Basement, Lotta Linux Links, the Linux Link Tech Show, Linux Outlaws, Productive Linux, BSD Talk, and others some much deserved publicity.

Episode 3x00

mp3 3x00 | ogg 3x00

June 23 2008 - Klaatu stumbles through the first episode of the exciting Third Season of The Bad Apples Linux Cast! Topics include Firefox 3, the Asus eeePC, eeeDebian, eeeDora, and Mandreeeva (no, those are not all official names). He also discusses what responsibilities we as Linux users and evangelists have to the people we introduce to Linux.

Important Links: FrostWire
The Linux Link Tech Show
Mandriva Linux
Mandriva on eeePC HOWTO